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My book from 2012. 


Well hello dearest black hole that we call internet, 

I am writing to you today because I have found myself on a new adventure and headed in a new direction. Firstly, an update; Recently I up and moved out of the wondrous state of California with my adventure partner Brandon. After being laid-off from my position at the magazine for Graphic Design I decided it was time to journey elsewhere and that my friends is exactly what we did. 

Brandon and I sold all of our worldly possessions and packed all the rest (tent, backpacking stuff, small amounts of clothing, guitar, and lots of camera gear) into my tiny Ford Focus and just drove away. Seems simple enough and it really was. We headed out to Yosemite, CA. Throughout the whole trip I was photographing, writing, and videoing to document the trip up the west coast and across Canada into Alaska for the summer. In total just around 4,500 miles. 

We tented the whole way and met an amazing amount of phenomenal people paired with experiences that will follow me for the rest of my life. Some that come to mind are hitch hiking through the San Juan Islands in Washington, backpacking into the coast of the Redwood Forest, hanging out with climbers in Yosemite, spending time with childhood friends in Portland, Slack-lining in Seattle, and most of all getting to experience this trip with someone who has never seen anything like this before. 

Enough words about the trip, It’s well overdue for some photos. With that said this music photographer may have moved on from the photo pits but a new purpose and a new project was born; The Wild Bones Project. 

Thank you to all the magical individuals that support/like/share our content. It lets us know we are doing something right and worthy of our readers time! 

Till next time, 



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